Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More snow...

you can see the snow drifting off of the roof. The winds were blizzard like!

This is a scene from an allyway last night. It kind of looks like a page in a turn of the century photo album.

Richie driving the truck at night. This is the first time I have tried night photography with this camera.

We spent from about 5 p.m. last night until almost 10 p.m. shoveling and plowing snow. Both of us are sore and tired today. Thank God I didn't have to go in and work today...he did. And I feel so sorry for him.

Who are these two homeless looking people? OH...me and Richie taking a break from shoveling and plowing. We were sitting at a local McDonald's!

Today we have sub-zero temperatures.

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