Friday, January 16, 2009


little boy...

is coming to visit today. And staying until Monday when I will be taking him back home. I am VERY excited!

The temperature outside is -23 degrees Fahrenheit. Yesterday neither one of Rich's trucks would start until later in the day after he kept trying and trying. So he is hanging here awhile before he even starts out.

If I keep up with the quilting it should be finished by the end of February.
Still working on the monkey quilt. It is going slow because of the layers of thick material. I used some mattress ticking which is thick. And for the backing I used Toile fabric. Which is a French inspired fabric design. The fabric I used is heavy like a lightweight canvas. And seems to be coated with a scotch guard or something that makes it somewhat stiff. That is the reason I've already broke a quilting needle and have a bruise on my quilting finger!

One of my favorite artists, Andrew Wythe died today. This is one of his paintings. He hid these paintings of this woman for years. Not even telling his wife about them until he wanted to sell them in the 1980's. He then sold the "Helga" paintings to a Japanese business man for 50-60 million.

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