Wednesday, February 11, 2009

These were waiting for me after work...

notice that I put them next to the bed.

And my sweetheart brought THESE home at dinnertime.

The story on the tickets goes like this:

We were walking downtown with C (Hubby's daughter) on her birthday weekend. And we walked past the Theater. I remarked how much I loved the Neville Brother's and Aaron Neville's voice.
Without my knowledge he has been inquiring about getting some tickets. Unfortunately they have been sold out for weeks. So he just happened to mention it to an acquaintance of his who owns an art gallery in town. The gallery owner said that the gallery was having a private reception for the Neville Brothers and that they were supposed to get some free tickets. And offered any free tickets that came his way to my hubby. And so today Hubby gets a call from the gallery owner that he has 2 tickets if we still want them!!! And that is how these tickets became ours!

We are blessed to have each other. (I'm the one who is blessed)

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