Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tired...and not wanting to complain.

All last week I listened to "Oscar Wilde: His Life and Confessions" by Frank Harris via Librivox podcast. All 29 Chapters! It was an engrossing listen due to the reader's skill. And the story line...a biography of sorts.

Besides that...have been sewing. Having not found my sewing machine, I am in the process of hand sewing some curtains for the kitchen. It is slow going. The valances are lined.

We picked up some veggies and some ripe (fresh picked by us!) tomatoes yesterday. So my job is to make up some pizza dough now and we will have us a killer dinner tonight.

I know this is all boring and domestic...just kind of tired and blah....sorry....some wine may help! Or vodka...what else? A big hug from my beloved..

We (I) found the camera...and have a day off tomorrow! Joy...freedom...

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