Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When  my stepson was here we went to this store.  I said "let's go to Dick Blick".  He said there's no Dick on it...and my hubby said "they cut the Dick off." LOL  Now they only call it Blick...or at least that is what the sign says.  My stepson wasn't familar with the store at all. He only saw Blick on the front.  It was hilarious when they said all that about the "Dick" part!!
And after that we went to Lowe's to look for shrubs and my stepson touched some branches on a tree and asked what it was called...to which I answered, "it's a wheeping pussy-willow (well, it was! )...I thought he would die laughing!  So he took a picture of it and said it was going to be his new screen saver for his phone.  Too funny...we sure enjoyed his visit!!

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