Wednesday, August 18, 2010

 A half day of work today Yay!!!  So I'm taking my time this morning...having some herb tea.

We brought down a desk from upstairs so I need to clean it out and organize it.  That means filing all paperwork from 2009!  May be able to get to that this weekend...but this weekend I am traveling to see my grandson. 

Not much new on the homefront.  Lots of tomatoes need picking.  And the grapes are ripening!  Sunflowers towering over the rooftop.  Finally it's cooling a little...seems like right after the fair it usually does.  The kids are back in school around here.

The weekend of the 22 (is that this weekend?) there will be a sand sculpting contest in town.  Sounds fun!

Well I need to get some yoga in and knitting before work. 

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