Thursday, October 27, 2011


Putting together a crock-pot of black bean soup before work.  We got the beans along with other things from Henry's Market in Homestead.  My favorite place to shop of late. Which is part of the Amana of the great places in this area (my opinion).

It seems blasphemous to post without a photo. here you go.

Last night I canned 9 quarts of the tomatoes. We still have some ripening in bowls for fresh slicing.  Which is amazing (to me at least) that we are still eating fresh garden tomatoes at the end of October!

The only garden chore left is to plant the garlic and dig up the cannas and dahlias.  And just tend to the cold weather crops that are still growing.  This I have never done before so it's my fall experiment.  Oh and gather seeds from the bird house gourds.  And bring in and clean the ones that are now dried out...well, I guess there is still lots to do garden wise.  haha

"Put on a robe of joy so you can uplift others"

Baba, as quoted by Swami Chidvilasananda in The Yoga of Discipline


Mrs Smith said...

Enjoy! Sounds yummylicious!

mybloomnart said...

I have yet to make the is still in the freezer. Maybe on Sunday I will get the chance...I just need tahinni and yogurt...

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