Thursday, May 17, 2012

Working on some things art wise...I have tried using the grid method of sketching from photos before...and I get the proportions ok (good enough) but the over all effect isn't exciting to me.  It leaves a feeling of flatness.  Drawing from life is the way to go...This little painting is about the usage of religious practices and beliefs that are "used" by people to justify their judgemental-ness/condemnations and closed minded mean-ness.  (Boy, that's a mouthful! haha).  It is what has been bothering me and this is just a way to express it.

Hopefully I will get the thing done soon.

Yesterday was mostly spent outside (since I had the day off.  And have today off also!!  YAY...due to some cancellations).  I planted some squashes, beans and cucumbers, made up some bamboo trellises and hoed the garden.  So today I figure I will be gentler with this body...

Thinking about making some soap this afternoon and going to the library/bike ride too.

I'm trying to make the back yard a private oasis!!  We live on a corner it is a will become a lovely place of relaxation...(but in the mean time it is a place of extreme work!!  Which I do love).

Peace out this is beautiful!  How I love when I have the time and energy to work on soul-work!!

May you have a soul-workout too.

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