Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Isn't this a fun home? I slipped and fell on a patch of ice in front of it...and while checking to see if I was seen (doesn't everyone do this? haha...) this figure was standing there...I thought it was a real person and was almost going to say instead I snapped a photo.

Short day at work today. And the day was warm enough to wear only a light jacket!! Mattie wanted out most of the day.

Last night I salvaged what I wanted from 8 antique Encyclopedias...they have/had lots of cool illustrations. I'll use the embossed (in gold) spine covers too. Hope the board I'm using for mounting everything on will be large enough for this project.

So I have some ginger root , green tea brewing...we started watching, "Faust (a 1926 silent German film) on Sunday and still have the last hour to watch (it is a 2 hour film). So Tonight we will finish it...

Love and Beauty...

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