Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here are some weathered sheds/garages in our neighborhood.

shadows on the snow....

Listening to old Cat Steven's...rainy, cloudy day today. I'm home working on art project...due to an understanding client... (I'm so blessed to know).

My little grandson called last night and asked me some questions about my life. He is doing a time-line project at school and needs to ask a person special in his life about their life. And then do a time-line mapped out showing that person's important accomplishments. I am honored he called me!! Though my "accomplishments" may not be considered GRAND according to anyone else's standards. Birth/fatal truck accident (I had to put some "gruesome" episodes for the 2nd graders interest...ha)/graduation/birth of sons/near drowning (another shock value occurrence...lol)/art show ribbon/birth of said grandson/marriage. That's my life on a time-line.

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