Saturday, March 13, 2010

Signs of spring. We set our clocks forward tonight. These came from our lovely neighbor, Wendy. She is just like these...sunny and bright!

Another cloudy, grey day in Iowa. Mattie has been sleeping all day...and even the cat has been in hiding.

This is our first spring in this house. I don't know what kind of flowers/if any, will appear in the yard.

Ok, so, we live in a college town...when students leave or move out of a should see what they throw out (things like new)! We are frugal people. My hubby is driving around town most of the day (due to the nature of his job). He sees all kinds of things and brings them home. Some things we keep and others we take to the goodwill (most of the items are of this latter catagory). So this morning I go to the basement to bring up some laundry that was drying on the line down there. You know, wool sweaters and delicates...well as I was pulling unmentionables off the line, I come to a black bra that doesn't look familar...I look it over...It looks like new and is my size...but I KNOW it is NOT mine! So I call him (my hubby)...most women would be thinking, another woman!! You know like a wife finding some woman's undies in her husbands pocket or something...But me, I know....he picked it up from some dumpster or parking lot and brought it home for me. And yes...that is what he did...he found it laying in a parking lot. Brought it home and washed it! He doesn't care if someone were to see him pick up a woman's bra from the parking lot and put it in his pocket...I think I'll keep him! haha..

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