Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It has been a loooonnnnggg few weeks!  House guests and working have taken up lots of time and energy...

Hope my Birthday brings a new camera because I need something easy and fun to use...as well as video capabilities.

So these days may only be ramblings...no photos on the horizon as of late.  (does that last sentence make any sense? LOL)

I have finished knitting/crocheting a shawl.  It is laying on the dinning room table damp and stretched out between towels to dry.  That is the way your supposed to "block" knitting...or so one source reports.

The altered book work was sold at the auction/sale night...which was wonderful news.

There was an art fest in town over the weekend and I purchased a handwoven basket...for, you guessed it...YARN!  It was a pretty cool (not temp. wise) weekend in the I.C.

Wish I had some photos...the garden is growing perfectly!!!  Sunflowers are leaning toward the sun.

Work starts again tomorrow...no yoga today.  It was spent doing boring but necessary chores.  But I must look at doing the yoga as my medicine.  That is how it feels when I practice.

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