Monday, July 12, 2010

Swiss chard day...

Cleaned and froze swiss chard this afternoon.  It finally rained...lots of tomato blooms.  Quite a few green tomatos too...
Trying to figure out the new camera...I'm not good at reading directions...ha..

Still working on the ruffled shawl.  It ties in the back...reminds me of Tasha Tudor.

Maybe the summer is laz-ing along now and I will get a chance to share on here...maybe...haha...


brad said...

The Swiss chard picture has a halo effect around everything. I thought you did it on purpose :-)

That shawl looks like crochet. Do you crochet? What colorway are you doing for the shawl?

Enjoy your early fall day.

mybloomnart said...

HI Brad! Yes I edited the photo...the shawl is in a lavender/blue and maroon tweed wool. Used two colors. It is knitted...having just learned to knit this year.

how are your chickens doing? Just wondering if you still have them.

thanks for stopping by!

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