Saturday, July 31, 2010

July travels

Richie at the bat caves.
We saw some big ass mushrooms.
The area reminded me of prehistoric times.
Always touching something!
Pretty rock formations.
Galena, Illinois.
Crossing the mighty Mississippi.
First pair of socks knitted!!  Yay!!
He is 8 years old now! And handsome as ever!
Clarence, IA. 
Covered Bridge in IA...(I think...could be IL. somewhere...we were all over that day).


brad said...

Nice set of pictures. I'd like to walk around the woods there :-)

mybloomnart said...

Just have to check for ticks afterwards!! I got bit be a lyme infected tick last year and got extremely sick...bulls-eye rash and all...I even found the tick (blood-filled) on my leg!! Not a good time...

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