Friday, October 15, 2010

It's the weekend!!

Only a half day of work today!

Last week I picked all the green tomatoes and layed them in boxes with newspaper to cover.  They are in the basement to (hopefully) ripen.  I have never done this before and am not sure it will work.  After picking them I then read that the "best" way for them to ripen naturally is to leave them on the vine and dig up the vine.  Hang the plant upside down and let vine-ripen that way.  So next year I may try that method.  But for now this is the experiment.
 Finished one sock this week.  It only took one month to make!!  geez!!! will start the matching (hopefully it will match) one this weekend.
Started stitching on the fabric.  Still not sure what it will end up turning into.  That is the fun part...not knowing and just letting it go...

OMMM  Namah Shivaya...


brad said...

A knitter I know recently finished a pair of socks. After all the time she took on them, she's not sure she wants to wear them because they will wear out.

Good luck with your tomato ripening and your becoming.

mybloomnart said...

I guess unless your pretty experienced in sock making, it does take some time.

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