Sunday, March 13, 2011

The girls are here. They are spending a few days with us for their spring break.  Lively 17 year old daughter with her friend.

We went to the library yesterday to return books and get some CD's and More reads!  So adding to itunes this morning are: The Jimmy Cotton blues Quartet, The Otis Rush Blues Band, Leonard Cohen, The Holmes Brothers, Ween (yes, I said WEEN! Ha...) and the audio book, 29 Gifts.  Sipping green tea, munching macadamia nuts with a hand woven scarf around my now warm neck. 

The day is cloudy once again.  My skin is craving the warmth of the sun. Today is daylight savings day. So the days will seem to be getting longer. I thought I got out of bed early at 6 when Now it was actually 7.  Tea!  More tea is needed!  

Just rambling this morning...the cat has been eating the baby spider plants.  And digging into them, uprooting, making a mess.  


Laurie said...

Hi Sherry, it's nice to see that you are blogging again...You have some beautiful photos here.

mybloomnart said...

Thanks for visiting...I love what your doing with your book binding. And hope you feeling much better! Your one of my fav. bloggers!

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