Thursday, March 10, 2011

Socks and seeds...

These were supposed to be knee highs but the pattern wasn't working for me.  So now they are short.  The yarn is wool/silk blend and self stripping.  Such gorgeous colors!!!
These are cabbages. I haven't had luck with seedlings so we will see if these make it to the garden.


brad said...

We have a hard time transferring seedlings to the garden too. With our climate, we don't need to start things indoors first to get a jump on spring. If you can get the soil plugs into the dirt outside in "one piece" then your chances of success increase.

That's some nice, colorful yarn. I've seen some nice socks on Ravelry, but never tried crocheting socks. Knitted ones like yours look better.

mybloomnart said...

You sure do have better planting weather Brad. I'm looking for a local place to buy on of those wooden pot makers...where you use newspaper for the cup. And transfer to those then transplant....we will see how it comes together.

Ravelry is a major obsession with all those free patterns! There are patterns for crocheted socks out there.

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