Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is in the air

Just a quick note to anyone who even reads here...I Will be updating with photos!  

We had our grandson here for the weekend and the poor thing was sick with the flu the whole time.  He wasn't in any condition to do anything but sleep and stay in bed.  His last day here he finally revived some and we played some checkers.  But then it was time for him to go back home.  He was on his way to recoverery though!

Some cabbage seeds have been started in the basement under lights.  They are sprouted now.  Just as soon as we have a sunny warmish (50's) day I will go and clean up the garden and plant out some greens- lettices and spinach.  I see the garlic is showing it's tips.

Off to do some work, more later!
Cheers ☁ (it's a cloudy day outside, not inside)


brad said...

Too bad about your grandson's visit. I'm sure he would have rather played with you more.

Cleaning up the garden after winter can be a big job, but the reward is you have space to plant the new sprouts, etc. Enjoy :-)

crpntrdude69 said...
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