Sunday, October 9, 2011

We're back!

Hello!  What a great time we had visting family and lounging on the beach...Home sweet home today.

I was happy to see Mattie and took her for a walk right away.  She walked a very long walk and wasn't lagging behind at all!  It seems her "petsitter" was more like a personal trainer!  Her skinny legs are no more...she has muscles on those bones (I think it was mentioned that we found a fantastic pet-sitter).  Now I need a personal trainer just to keep up with Mattie...haha.  She got walked 2-3 times per day!!  So she also had a great week.

Having some green tea right now...picked a bunch of tomatoes when we got home and still have more to pick tomorrow. It looks like I will have another batch to can this week!  Amazing for almost the middle of October.  The beans are all done and some of the spinach is coming up now.  What a difference just one week makes in a garden!  So dry these past few months though.  Next year I must do better with the watering!

This is the pier on the beach.  Our last day there was so windy when sitting near the water that we got sandblasted!  Rich wasn't sure if it was a windburn or sunburn that he got.

This was the cottage we stayed in. It had everything we needed, just no wifi.  So of course I wasn't able to blog from there. 
This was the view from our deck.

Without computer and work I was able to come up with some ideas for future projects!  And figure out how I will self-discipline myself in regards to eating and exercise...let this new lease on life begin!!

Peace, joy and love ❁

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Marsha said...

I too have a pic of the pier at Tybee! Beautiful and glad y'all got to enjoy it!

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