Friday, September 30, 2011

A day off work with Lots to do...

Found out yesterday that I would be having this day off!!  So much to do today...we are going on a real vacation!!!  It has been about 4-5 years since we went to the ocean.  So Tybee Island, GA is the destination.  And we will get to see all my family on the way.  I just can't believe it until we are there kind of thing.

So, Rich found us a house/pet sitter. She is a grad student who lives just down the street.  A Literature major and cook!  I met her last night and was impressed. It is just exciting to meet such a smart, energetic young lady. And she is even willing to keep up with what is left in the garden.  She said she loves our house with all the plants around it now.  Makes us feel good that lots of neighbors have commented on the change of the yard.  What a difference just planting seeds and small plants can do.

We are going to watch my young'n play soccer Saturday morning (on our way out of state).  His daddy is the coach so I am interested in watching him too!

This is my view at the moment.  Have to make out a list and stick to it!!!  Mattie will even be getting a bath today.

I'll be taking the camera and computer with on vaca so I can still post here. I know taking the computer on vaca is frowned upon...but it is My vacation!!  Can you tell just how excited I am?!

Ok, better finish my cup of tea and get dressed. (yes, still in p.j.s).

Back from Mattie's walk...OH those fall colors!!!
Peace, joy and love ❁

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