Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years highlight!

Here it is caucus day in iowa.  We got a call last night to take part in a straw poll.  Ron Paul was the answer!  We have never done the caucus thing since we are new here.  The only signs we have seen in town have been for Ron Paul.  It is just the main stream media who black out the truth.

I'm just downloading some podcasts for work and having a cup of coffee.  

This week (hopefully tonight) I have some really awesome antique illustrations from and antique book-set of works by Charles Dickens that I will be listing in my online etsy shop!
One of the illustrations

 They are some sort of etching.  Like a wood cut but carved onto a copper or metal plate of some sort, and then inked and pressed onto paper.  The book is from 1870.  The only reason I would even desecrate a book is because it is in such bad condition that it is unreadable.  By this I mean it is stained, ragged edges, brittle to the touch and just plain falling apart!  haha  There are dozens of the illustrations.  They can be used to frame or use in crafts.  I will be listing them in my shop soon.

This year looks to be an improvement over last year!  Let's hope so anyway!


MarySue said...

I had been meaning to ask you about the caucus experience. If you think about it, it's great -- no claims of lost ballots, no hanging chads, no voting machine issues or concerns about not having enough ballots. Granted, the secret ballot thing goes out the window...but what an interesting experience.

I agree that the mainstream media only shows us what they want us to see or to believe. Sadly, folks actually do believe that stuff.

mybloomnart said...

we didn't go to the caucus..we are registered as No Party (independent)and you have to be a registered Republican to do the voting for a Republican...you can switch, but I'm not sure if you can switch back to N.P. in November if you don't like who the nomonie ends up to be...??? We were very surprised that Ron didn't win here...all we see are his signs and such..kind of makes you wonder???? huh?

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