Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Unseasonably warm today!

This has been in process for a few months.  haha....or should I say, put away for a few months.  It's a combo of acrylic paint,  coloured pencils and Indian ink.  Don't ask about the meaning...I have forgot and the meaning will be changing while I work on it.  But in the beginning I think it had something to do with embarrassment and poor self esteem.  Downer, I's just what came.  I just follow what it is that "comes".

So a warm January day is predicted and I will be inside working.  Hopefully I will get out soon enough to take Mattie for a nice walk!  And pick up some coffee for Rich and I to meet at the he can have a break.  I'm such a thoughtful wife! ha

So Iowa has a tie with the caucus results...and Ron Paul is a close 3rd.  I can live with that!

The challenge today is to replace all thoughts or spoken sentences that contain the word "hate" with the word "love".


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