Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday afternoon...

Yesterday was a grand day!!!  I got to meet up with my grandson and his other Grandma!  We went to Davenport, walked along the river (Mississippi), went to a botanical garden, ate in a cafe, watched him play at a couple of playgrounds and got to see him enjoy being a "photographer" for the day.  He had a disposable camera for the day and Loved taking photos.

Today and for awhile now...haha...this has been the scene in our house...When we bought the place 2 years ago it only had central air in the lower level.  So my very talented husband is putting in air ducts for the central air to connect to the bedrooms upstairs.  Because the ducts are so big and the locations needed for them are in odd places...he has made a couple of thick walls to hold the the end, we will (he will...haha) trim out the opening with woodwork that will match the rest of the house.  The new layout will give the living room a cozy and somewhat separateness from the dinning "room".  

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